Holy Giant Marshmallows, Batman!

November 28, 2007 at 8:13 pm | Posted in Favorite Things, Review | 2 Comments

So, the day after Thanksgiving (aka Black Friday), we decided to skip the overly crowded malls and head for Mexico to shop for a few Christmas presents we knew we wanted. Along with several hundred other similarly-minded folks (oops), we crossed the river armed with a wad of cash and a shopping list. We got just about everything on the list … plus a few extras, the most notable of which is shown here.

Malvaviscos Marshmallows – $2.10 for 30 at our favorite Mexican tourist/grocery store. See on the package where it says “Super Gigante”? They aren’t kidding – these are quite possibly the BIGGEST marshmallows I’ve ever seen.

What? You say the bag looks “normal”? Well, check out the following photo for verification of size:

Yes, that’s TWO marshmallows in an 8-oz low-ball glass. Your typical “short” glass. We were joking about putting one in the microwave to see how big it’d puff up, but that makes me nervous – I might end up cleaning marshmallow off the inside of my microwave!

Here’s a photo of 1 marshmallow in a cup of hot chocolate:

Also, these marshmallows are quite possibly the tastiest and freshest I’ve had in quite a while. The bottom one is vanilla and the top one is strawberry. And they do have flavor. Three cheers for Mexican Marshmallows!!



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  1. how fun! I think you may need to get me some giant marshmellows next time you are down there. đŸ™‚

  2. Ha ha ha!!! That marshmallow in the cocoa totally made me LOL…

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