About Me

 Food Revolution is … an effort to change the world.  To end over-consumption.  To return to simplicity.  Think of your favorite mom-meal.  When you were a kid, was it “Crab-stuffed pork chops with procuitto-sauteed asparagus in a mushroom demiglaze with poached pears and almond tart for dessert”?  Or was it spaghetti and meatballs, or hot dogs, or macaroni and cheese??  My guess would be the latter.  Mine was “macaroni garbage” – a mix of macaroni, hamburger, and tomatoes that I just adored and can still really pack away.  So why cook the crab-stuffed pork chops recipe with its 50+ ingredients when I get just as much enjoyment from macaroni garbage?

 I am … many things.  Wife, baker, restaurant server, “cook”, grocery shopper, etc.

Together with my husband, Rob, I live in a small town in Ohio. Our goal is to live as frugally as possible – using all the resources we have, and not acquiring “more”.  Join me as I attempt to change the world – one cheap meal at a time!



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