Making the Best of a Bad Thing – Waste Not, Want Not

May 13, 2009 at 7:17 pm | Posted in Oops | 1 Comment

I guess I’m going to categorize this post as a grocery shopping tip of the weak week.

Not that this technically has anything to do with grocery shopping. Instead, it has to do with making do and making it work. As you may have noted from some of my recent posts, I’ve had some magificent failures lately. And there were several which were so BAD, I felt that posting it could ruin my public image of perfection *cough, cough*.

So most recently, R had expressed a desire for one of those chocolate-on-chocolate layer cakes and I found a recipe, which will get posted in about a week, after I try it again – hopefully with success this time. Anyhow, it was a VERY complicated recipe and to top things off and make them worse, I decided it would be a great idea *cough, cough* to change it up and make it a roll cake. You know, like pumpkin roll or whatever? Um … stupid idea.

To make a very LONG story short (-er), I used a cake recipe that was way too moist and fluffy to be a roll, causing it to essentially crumble to bits at the unrolling step. I had already made this WAY complicated frosting, so – in the spirit of making the best of things – I decided to make it a torte. So I went about crumbling and ended up with pieces too small. And frosting too runny. *sigh* So … the final result was crumbled up cake mixed with slightly runny frosting and smooshed back into a 9 x 13 cake pan. The flavor and texture was somewhere between actual fudge and a fudgy brownie. Yum. Very, very, very yum.

The moral of this (admittedly long and rambling) story is that sometimes in the kitchen, things go wrong.
And you know what? That’s okay.


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  1. That is not a “good” thing, but you did ask for a moist chocolate cake, and it looked moist to me!

    I can’t wait for the update. 🙂

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