And the Winner Is …

February 13, 2008 at 3:30 pm | Posted in Frugal Foodie Challenge, January, Results | 5 Comments

After much cooking, tasting, and general over-stuffedness, we at Food Revolution are (finally!) proud to announce the winner of our first monthly “Frugal Foodie Challenge.”

And the winner is …

Sausage Bread with Mozzarella by Jack of Redacted Recipes!!!

While there wasn’t a single entry we didn’t enjoy, Jack provided a recipe that was delicious, filling, and easily adaptable. He also provided a recipe that was easy to follow and didn’t leave out any important steps. This was important because I followed each recipe as much as possible and I think some dishes may have fared better with easier/more in-depth directions.

So, Jack … now that you’ve won the inaugural FFC, please contact me to collect your prize!



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  1. Congrats Jack! I knew after I saw the entry that you had a winner. 🙂

  2. Congratulations Jack! I loved the recipe, and I particularly appreciate that its one of those recipes that almost throws itself at you just begging for you to make variations and expiriment with it! If recipes can be inspirational, this one would qualify! I look forward to your participation in future challenges!

  3. I am surprised and delighted to have won, and I must give full credit to the culinary wizard who originated this recipe – my lovely partner Ann at Redacted Recipes. Glad you both enjoyed it!

  4. Rob, you’re absolutely right about the ability to vary the recipe. Everyone in my family makes it differently. Some of us toss olives in, some add onion and green pepper… some vary the cheese. Jack entered the original recipe, but it cries out for experimentation. 🙂

  5. Congrats! Congrats!

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