He Who Dies With The Most Toys …

January 23, 2008 at 6:41 pm | Posted in Frugal Living, Reflections | 3 Comments

I don’t know if this is necessarily a food-related post, but it does relate to being frugal, so I’m going to write about it anyway.

Today I was reading through my usual online forums and websites, getting caught up. A comment on a post about a man who saved money all his life and wound up a “millionaire-next-door” caught my eye. The man apparently was a janitor all his life, but through sound investments and frugal living, ended up donating two million dollars to several schools and colleges. I love stories like that … if you live quietly, cover your basic needs, and invest wisely, there will be more than enough money for you at the end of your line (so to speak). However, the comment was more than disturbing. A poster who didn’t identify himself left the following comment: “I still say that he who dies with the most toys, wins.”

I hate to be abrupt, but that one sentence sums up exactly what is wrong with our society. There’s nothing wrong with being wealthy, but when you hoard it all for yourself and give nothing back – that speaks of greed. And honestly, he who dies with the most toys … is still dead. And no one really cares, because that person never bothered to touch others’ lives in a positive way.

As Rob and I work on managing our money, getting out of debt, and perhaps accruing a little for our later use, I can’t help but think on that quote and pray that we never end up that hardened. Money is a tool – best used on others.

What do you think? Is the poster right or wrong? Leave me a comment!



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  1. The poster about the most toys being the winner is absolutly wrong! Dead people don’t take their toys with them, how silly to even think that.
    What matter is how we live, how we treat each other, and that we put God and others first, certainly not toys.
    The man who saved and left his fortune to schools is much more noble than a man who dies with a bunch of toys bought on credit cards he has yet to pay.

  2. I am 100% in agreement with you. Rampant materialism is choking the good in our society. 3,000 African children die of malaria each day. Life-saving mosquito nets cost about $20 and maintain efficacy for three years. It sickens me that the people who need these nets die by the millions, while American billionaires spend thousands of dollars a month on designer handbags and sports cars. It’s revolting.

    OK, end of rant. But, to summarize, I agree with you. Not the poster.

    Maybe he was being facetious? I pray that is the case.

  3. I think there’s way to balance the two. I certainly don’t think whoever has the most toys wins, but at the same time you should splurge every once in awhile. Without some extras life would be pretty boring. Whether it be taking a trip or just going out to dinner, I think there are times when it’s ok to enjoy your money if you have it. At the same time though, my broke ass donates $$ and time to charities and organizations because it’s not all about me.

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