Christmas Day

January 2, 2008 at 5:19 pm | Posted in Christmas, cost-cutting, dinner, Grocery Shopping, Tips | 2 Comments

Our menu this year was varied, but only cost us $25.88 total. The reason? Free food from HEB!! They have these “meal-deals”, where if you buy a certain item, all the other items that would typically go with that item as part of a meal are free. This year the item was spiral-sliced ham. We bought a 9.5 lb half-ham for the $25.88 and got everything else for free. Whoo!!

COST: $25.88
Honey Baked Ham – $25.88
Canned Peas – FREE with Coupon
Canned Corn – FREE with Coupon
Cranberry Jelly – FREE with coupon
Salad – FREE with coupon
Mashed Potatoes – already in pantry (approx $0.14)
Gravy – made from ham drippings – FREE

The only thing in this photo that we paid for was the ham. And the crackers and dip, but those technically weren’t part of the meal. We were just using those as “pre-meal-waiting” munchies.

Cat says, “Merry Christmas!”



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  1. DANG! look at all that free food! Too bad there’s no HEB near me. Great job! 🙂

  2. PS. give Cat a kitty head scratch for me 🙂

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