The Future of the Food Revolution!

December 27, 2007 at 2:54 pm | Posted in Poll, Updates | 1 Comment

Good morning!

As 2008 approaches, it is time, indeed, to make changes and review our lives. Since part of my life is this blog, I think some changes are in order. I’d love it if you kind folks would stop by the poll located in the upper right corner and take a few minutes to vote on what blog changes you’d like to see. I have listed a bunch of options, vote for as many (or as few) as you like. If you have other suggestions, please email me at – yes, I’m creating a new email just for this blog – I’m listening to your suggestions!!

Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon!!


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  1. Here’s my vote! 🙂

    6. Grocery Budget Tracker
    1. More Frequent Updates
    5. Product Reviews
    3. More Photos
    4. Grocery Shopping Tips
    2. More “Personal” Posts

    I also put them in order of priority too! LOL. I didn’t vote for newsletter b/c I am not sure what’s included in the newsletter but it sounds like it could be a fun idea. Maybe a “recap of the week” newsletter? Definitely more updates are a must!

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