Grocery Shopping

November 5, 2007 at 3:51 pm | Posted in cost-cutting | 2 Comments

Well, to make my $100 budget for the month, that limits R & I to $25 per week, including tax, for groceries. This is not really a lot of money. That’s why I was shocked when we bought our groceries for the week yesterday and spent: $16.64

Yes, you read that right. Sixteen dollars and sixty four cents. With the exception of the steak and cod (which we already have in the freezer and didn’t need), that buys EVERYTHING we need for an entire week of meals. And we could’ve probably gotten the steak and cod for under budget, also.

I love a victory like that – it makes me feel really smart. We went to the grocery store with a list. And stuck to it (mostly). We bought, besides the dinner groceries, 2 two-liters of pop and a bag of corn flakes. We also forgot to buy more oatmeal (turns out we’re a little short for the week.) So I will send R to the store tonight for oatmeal, and we’ll be all set. Amazing!!



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  1. seriously? $16? seriously? I think I spent $16 on just one meal for the week. wow. great job! Alaska here you come!!

  2. How do you manage to spend only $100 a month on groceries? I seem to spend $70/week…. ugh.

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