Princess for a Day

October 25, 2007 at 8:45 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

So, Sunday I had a bad day. No details necessary, just trust me on this one. Rob felt bad for me, so on Monday, he declared me “Princess for the Day”. This meant that we’d do whatever I felt like doing. After work, he came by and picked me up, then took me to the grocery store to pick out some flowers – mums in a pot and some cut ones, also.

Here’s a picture of the cut flowers with my kitchen (sort of) in the background. Please ignore the mess in the corner – we’re collecting some stuff to send to Goodwill.

I mentioned that we bought the ingredients for a cheesecake, right? Well, apparently Rob is known around these parts for making a mean cheesecake. But he’s never made one for me. This is obviously wrong. Here he is, righting that wrong:

While the cheesecake was cooking, we made our plans to go home for “Christ-Giving” to see our families. When it was done ….

We then went to CiCi’s for pizza. Came home, sat outside on the porch in the GORGEOUS weather, sipping hot apple cider and just talking. Overall, the perfect day.

I am so happy to be married to Rob. I consider myself blessed in every way.



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  1. aaawww. flowers, pizza and cheesecake? what could be better for a bad day right!? Q? why do you have foil on the cheesecake pan?

  2. Actually, the foil has a purpose. When I make one of my “famous” cheesecakes, I place it directly in a water bath to provide humidity within the oven (keeps the top from cracking).

    It only took me one time to realize that if I didn’t have the bottom of the springform completely protected by the tinfoil, then water would get into the springform and foul up the recipe (it actually turned the graham cracker crust a nasty shade of gray).

    So ever since then, I’ve used a tinfoil surround to baffle the water. In addition, due to the butter in the crust and the moisture within the filling, the tinfoil captures the oils that would otherwise seep out of the springform and (if you weren’t using the waterbath) drip on your oven floor (not good) or your oven element (REALLY not good).

    It has been suggested that I should just put the waterbath on the lower rack and let the pan drip into it (rather than partial immersion & tinfoil), but then that would be too easy ***and*** the metal rods of the upper oven rack would still get residue on them from the springform.

    …so I just do it my way, and any complainers don’t get cheesecake!

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