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October 19, 2007 at 4:37 pm | Posted in Favorite Things, Review | 1 Comment

Well, as you can see, I haven’t been doing much cooking this week. Beyond the leftover chicken fajita meat, we’ve been eating a lot of sandwiches, etc. So, I thought I’d do an update on a couple of my favorite kitchen things.

Kapoosh Universal Cutlery Block

As you can see, this is possibly the most unique knife block I’ve ever seen – and possibly the most useful. When Rob and I got married, we had to combine two very random knife collections – mine, consisting of a number of Wusthof knives and some cheapo steak knives, and his, consisting of a whole set of cheapo knives, plus two VERY nice Santokus by Anolon. Altogether, we had about 15 knives that we didn’t want to part with. Now, honestly, have you ever seen a normal-size knife block that would hold 15 knives? I didn’t think so. But this block by Kapoosh – which has no slots at all, but rather nylon/plastic “rods” – will hold that, plus some. It is dishwasher safe, the knives won’t dull from hitting the rods (like they would if you accidentally hit a wood block), and you can arrange them however works for you. If I were only allowed to choose one thing to receive for our wedding … this would have been it. No kidding.

Pampered Chef Bamboo Spoon Set

Oh, wow. These spoons look so simple. And they are. But I love them. As you can see, they come three to a set – 2 round spoons (one with a long handle, one with a shorter handle) and one oval spoon. So far, I’ve never found a reason to like the oval one. But the ROUND ones??? Oh, I could write a sonnet. They’re perfect for mixing or stirring anything in a round container – because of their shape, they fit right into the curve of the bowl. Because they’re wood, they won’t scratch a non-stick surface, and they go right into the dishwasher. I have 4 round spoons (having given the oval ones to my mother) and wouldn’t trade them for anything!


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  1. I have a kapoosh and I luv it. The only prob is that I can’t fit any more knives in it and my set isn’t complete. They need to make a bigger one!

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