Milk … How Much Is Too Much??

October 9, 2007 at 4:27 pm | Posted in cost-cutting | 1 Comment

So, as I’m trying to cut back the grocery budget, it occurs to me that we’re spending almost a tenth of our grocery budget PER MONTH on milk. With milk at $4.25 a gallon (or MORE), and our consumption rate at 2 gallons per month … that’s almost $10, out of a $100 budget.

That just won’t do.

But how do we cut back on milk? Do we start drinking less milk? Do I start skipping it on cereal, in coffee, as an ingredient?

Nope!! I found a solution. Dried milk!! I can buy nonfat milk – the equivalent of about 3 gallons (I think) for less than $2.00! All I have to do is mix in the water and presto – instant milk!

And, using the non-fat powder to make the equivalent of skim milk – I save on calories, but improve on the taste. Powdered dry milk is creamier than skim … so a little better tasting!

I don’t know whether to applaud myself or wonder what kind of an idiot didn’t think of this sooner.


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  1. do you have a costco in your area? we buy 2-1 gal milk for $3.50 or something like that. Does the dry taste as good as the liquid?

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